Poetry 04: Beginning of the End

A poem about being so close to losing a friend, forever.

Leticia Liao
Aug 5, 2021

For my closest friend,
And all the brave warriors out there.

The time is near
It’s finally come
Six years of fear
At last I feel numb;

They say you’re selfish
But you’re brave, so brave
You prayed and wished
This was just a wave;

Most dogs dig holes
But this one attacks
It sucked your soul
It’s dark, it’s black;

You climbed to the top
Stood at the edge of the abyss
Nothing could make you stop
Not even his kiss;

Ants crawled densely below
Sirens and flashlights in a row
Angels from above aglow
Why did He halt this show;

Painted with silver light
Burning red is your outlet
These eternal streaks of white
Tells a story that isn’t over yet.

Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash
Leticia Liao

18 HK×Syd. I need a platform to contain my overflowing thoughts about what matters to me or constantly bugs me. Hope it inspires you in some way;)