Poetry 03: Pride, Power and Privilege

I forgot how privileged I was
That I could be visible
Without getting into trouble.
My friend and I,
Two androgynous kids in the corridor
Who just wanted to cuddle
No no we’re not a couple
There is no need for labels.

Even though I struggled and stumbled
I was still lucky enough
To not receive any death threats.
Still, I could never forget the cold sweat I’d get
Whenever I step into a new circle,
Because it makes me fret
Having to explain myself all over again to the cishets.
But what’s more important is that
I’m being true and I don’t let myself regret.

I’ve taken many things for granted
For my friends are not afraid of me
For I get to be treated equally
For I feel worthy, just like anyone else would be.

As my teeth quiver for the first time after all these years
I’m queer, I’m queer!
There comes this irrational fear
What’s ahead of me’s unclear.
With thoughts keep me up at night:
What if I don’t get my
Dress code rights,
Workplace rights,
Healthcare rights
But as I fright, my inner light ignites
Sit tight, you’ll be alright…
No, not quite.

I wish I didn’t have to feel this drain which I can’t explain
But this pain, this hurricane
Brings sunshine after the rain.
What if I could reclaim? I wonder.
To empower others,
Especially those who suffers.
As I stand on top of this tower
To show my brothers and sisters and fellow fighters
How I could reclaim my power — the power of my voice.

It’s my choice to destroy all the noises
Just like those who came before us.
Even though people stared at them with disgust
They stood up nonetheless to fight for unjust
And I trust, that you and I have the guts
To speak up for people more vulnerable than us.

I’ve had enough of hearing I don’t discriminate
Mate, don’t try to justify your hate
Because the next thing you’d say
Is please stay away.

I may be a weird mutation
But we’re all God’s creation.
The power of representation —
Don’t even underestimate
How much my younger self would appreciate
If another primate had said this to my face
Hey I’m not straight and that’s the fate
There’s no debate, let’s celebrate!
That would have lifted off my weights.

Why are we still in a world where hatred is so ingrained
It’s the 21st century, I think that’s pretty insane.
You say our acts are “inhumane”.
But why are we following the rules of your game
If the people playing aren’t gonna complain
So please, stop calling us names
No one deserves to live in shame.

Now I invite you to join the crew
A simple thing you can do:
The next time you witness intolerable behaviour
In your workplace or at school
Gently remind them,
Ouch, stop, that’s not cool.
It surely is a mental breakthrough
But little kids will look up to you
Unconscious bias unscrewed.
If this seems too scary or cruel
Just imagine living in fear your whole life
With no one standing up for you.

Photo by daniel james on Unsplash



18 HK×Syd. I need a platform to contain my overflowing thoughts about what matters to me or constantly bugs me. Hope it inspires you in some way;)

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Leticia Liao

18 HK×Syd. I need a platform to contain my overflowing thoughts about what matters to me or constantly bugs me. Hope it inspires you in some way;)